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I'm Amber, I'm 18 and I started doing my nails mid 2012, but it is only now that I have decided to start this blog and try out come more complicated and professional designs. All of these designs are mine unless stated, and please feel free to request or ask me anything!
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I know I said I was back to regular blogging but I didn’t realise how much time uni takes up!  Anyway, here are some Night Vale nails I had a go at :)

As I was short of time I had a go at some ombre nails with my new sponges.  The yellow is a bit weak and if I’d had more time I would have done a white base coat to make it stand out, but oh well.  I still think the overall effect is pretty good, especially after I added the glitter!

Due to the response I received for my Van Gogh nails, I’ve decided to do some more nail art designs based on famous works of art.  So here are my Monet’s Waterlilies inspired nails!

I just want to take a moment to apologise for my extremely long hiatus and to thank you for sticking with me.  I was on holiday and then when I got back I had to prepare for uni, which I start in two weeks!  I will continue to post my nail art regularly from now on, so check out my next post for some exciting nails! :)

Tried out my new striping tape this week and by layering neon underneath black I’ve created a sort of laser lighting effect!  I apologise for the appalling lack of clean-up…

Today I bought Maybelline’s Rainforest Canopy and so I’ve quickly produced some swatches with different base colours to see which works best.  The colours used from left to right are;

  • Barry M special edition B
  • a Primark unknown (sorry!)
  • Barry M Blueberry
  • Barry M special edition A
  • Barry M Teal
  • Maybelline 285 pink shimmer
  • NYC Water street blue
  • Barry M matt white
  • NYC Mint macaroon
  • Kiko 7

Personally my favourite is NYC Water street blue, which do you prefer?  Wow, I didin’t realise how many Barry Ms I have!

As I was short on time today, I decided to do this simple nail art called the acid wash jeans effect. 

It’s really simple to do; you start off with a dark coloured base coat and use two layers.  When that is completely dry you use a white coat (which looks a bit light blue in the photos) and cover the blue completely.  When that is completely dry, using a cotton bud dipped in polish remover, you gently rub at the white coat, ta daah!

Seeing as I didn’t have much time for some full nail art today, I decided to try out my new Barry M crocodile crackle polish.  I layered the red colour, which in reality is a lot more pink, over a gold base.  On the accent nail I used NYC’s mint macaroon, and detailed it with some gold dots on the tip.

The crackle polish was very easy to use and I love the effect it makes, but I think the colours I used are a bit too Christmassy for the summer!

This is a gradient design I decided to try out on my sister’s nails to match her dress.  I really like the colours I used here, especially with the two different colour glitters.  Sorry about the lack of clean up, I was in a hurry!

These are some superhero nails I thought I’d try out, on the top is DC’s Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and Flash, and then on the bottom are Marvel’s Avengers (even though the thumb is upside down in the photo sorry!); Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

They took me ages, especially on the right hand, so what do you think?

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy now that I’m on holiday!  Anyway, I saw Monsters University the other day which I would definitely recommend you go and see because it’s awesome, and I decided to do some movie inspired nails.

I used two different colours of flocking powder for Sully which was quite complicated, usually I’ve only used one either fully covering the nail or in patterns, but never two colours.  After a bit of experimenting I think I managed to get it to work but I did make a bit of a mess!

Although the colours aren’t quite right for Sully, I am very pleased with my Mike Wazowski as the shade of green is just perfect :)

Since Sherlock is my all time favourite show ever, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t done any nails inspired by it yet, so here they are!  Everything is freehand so, as you can guess, the wallpaper took forvever!

So I thought I should practise french tips freehand but to make it more interesting I went overboard with my glequins!  I prefer the colours in the top photo, what about you?

So this week I had my Leavers’ Ball and so I decided on some simple yet elegant nails that matched my dress, the pink was exactly the same colour!

Sorry for the photo spam guys but I just had to show you my Van Gogh style nails, based on his painting Starry Night.  It took me just under 3 hours (I know!) but I’m really pleased with the end result.  Hopefully you can  make out most of the detail in the pictures but open them in a new tab for high res!  I also used a matt top coat in the last two pictures, which do you prefer?